This is my 'new' shop. It is located in western Colorado. I just finished a two year project restoring the original barn that was built here in 1945 and was 12' X 24'. It was built on 2X4 walls and rested on the bare ground. The barn was raised 21" and a foundation was built underneath it. A wood floor was installed over new joists and new 2X6 walls were built. An additional 16' was added. The new shop is 24' X 28'. So here is the almost completed barn. This barn houses "boB's Shop" which now serves as my wheel shop for restoring antique spinning wheels. I hope that this web site will eventually become the 'authoritative' source for information about spinning wheel restoration. I look forward to serving you. (Please scroll down). 

Hello, My name is Bob Ralph. Most people know me as little "b". Hence the name boB.

My late father William Ralph restored spinning wheels and looms in Orwell Pennsylvania for more than thirty years. During his time he restored over one thousand wheels of which 686 are documented. He discovered and documented many of the techniques and skills that had been forgotten over time. Through the years dad taught me the art of restoration. In 2001 I spent six months with dad learning everything I could about restoring wheels before he passed away. In October 2001, I brought his shop back to Colorado. However I needed a shop. I was finally given the opportunity in 2009 to build one. Now after two years of work it is close to finish. Restoring wheels is something that is so magical and so special. I hope I can show you what I mean.

I am currently accepting wheels for restoration while finishing the wheel shop up. Things have cooled off in Colorado and winter is just around the corner. I have a little more time to spend in doors and work on wheels. Please contact me via email listed below or visit me at www.bobralph.com for more information.

Eventually this web site will have information on;

Wheel construction and history
Wheel nomenclature
Wheel disassembly and shipping
Wheel care
Basic spinning
Wheel database of W. Ralph wheels
and much more....

I can be contacted at;

Bob Ralph
PO Box 321
Clifton, CO. 81520

Sorry my phone number is unpublished.
Please email me for phone contact information.